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Hi, I'm Leah

Leah Katz, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist practicing in Portland, Oregon.
Originally from New York, she completed her doctorate training at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. While living in New York, Dr. Katz worked at a community clinic where she led several groups, treated individuals and couples in therapy, and taught a course in Health Psychology at Stern College for Women.

She currently works in a group practice where she specializes in working with teenage girls and women, with a focus on treating anxiety and depression. She utilizes a hybrid of cognitive behavioral, ACT, and mindfulness techniques in her therapy work. She has gone on several mindfulness retreats and incorporates mindfulness concepts into the therapeutic work she does. She also facilitates mindfulness groups for the broader community.

Dr. Katz is passionate about girls’ and women’s mental health, and helping women navigate challenges to live deeply connected and fulfilled lives. She is in the process of publishing her first book, which will be released later this year.

AUTHOR OF Here We Are The science of living fully, bravely, and deeply

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What My Wonderful Freedom Empowerers Say

  • Dr. Leah has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience helping others work through limiting beliefs and struggles. She has a beautiful soul and I’m positive she will transform the life of anyone she works with!

    Margaret Bukovscak
  • Leah is an incredible and inspiring woman offering exactly what is needed in the world right now. She is kind, direct, and knowledgeable. Her background, personality and passion set her apart from others in her peer group. Leah is the real deal.

    Lauren Jackson

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